i watched sum gravity falls today :0
how do you feel about ruto and sheik as a ship? when ruto asks link to thank him, it's framed as pretty important (it's her last line and it's given it's own dramatic white screen thing) and afterwards sheik monologues about how he and link have to save the world for her sake. anyway I kinda think they'd be cute.

ah geez that could be really cute and interesting whoa!! i can totally imagine sheik being super gallant w ruto and giving her lots of respect + attention!! which would be very effective w her!!!!!! (^・ω・^ )

their purpose in the story would also make things interesting!  and the circumstances of their meeting + sheik’s interactions w the zora in general would be really fun to think about!  :o

but yeah!! i’m totally feelin’ this pairing!! (  />\)  thanks for the message!!

I’m trying to raise some money, so I’m selling art.


Hello tumblr!

It’s me, Noel! (For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the wacky looking one that looks like they’re about to fall)


I have known some of you on this site for a while and some of you are brand new followers and some of you might be seeing this post on your dash without knowing who I am! Well, allow me to introduce myself! I’m an eccentric but kind person living in Miami, FL. I’m a Cuban@ who love activism, animals, exercise, and lots of other fun stuff!

Right now, I’m sorta low on money. Last summer, my monetary struggle was one regarding homelessness, and this summer my money struggle came from moving from my university’s complementary dorm to a friend’s house and then back into my old house. Next summer, I do not want to have a monetary struggle, so I decided I’d try and raise some!

The thing I need funding for for next summer is the trip I will be taking the the Philippines. I’m going to be visiting my s/o there, a very special person to me and I want everything to go well monetarily! Since these past summers haven’t really been the best, I want next summer to be great. The trip will cost a bit though, hence me selling art! Right now my goal through these art transactions and other transactions (I’m going to be baking cakes so hit me up if you live in Miami for cake!) by next year is 1,500$. It’s very lofty, but I figured starting early might help me a lot!

So tumblr, I ask of your help! If you would like some traditional art (or shell crafts, I make those too including necklaces), please help me out by making a purchase! I will put my best time and effort into your art and send it to you to have physically. If you want to help in donating, that is great too! Even if you cannot help in donating or art, simply reblogging this post will help spread the word. Thank you so much for reading and helping me out! There is a link on my tumblr profile to buy art/donate if you choose to do so :)

noel is a really good friend of mine!!  please check out their art and donate if you can!! :)

hi!!! i love your art a lot it's very cute!! i was wondering if you could maybe draw some midzel?? i love it a ton but no one else seems to :( sorry if you aren't taking requests anymore!!!

aa!  that sounds like a yuri emergency!!


this is very sloppy + rushed but i hope it will be sufficient for now!!  :0 i really ought to draw more of this pairing!!  

also thanks! im glad you like my silly drawings! :)

I know someone already asked you about headcannons regarding Fi, but do you have any about her and/or Ghirahim? I have always found how they're pretty similar (as in their purpose) to be interesting.

ahaha i actually haven’t given ghirahim a lot of thought!  but yeah, they are similar in purpose!  that’s interesting + i didn’t really think about it much!

now i might even go so far as to say that they’re similar in the sense that they don’t really understand human(hylian?  skyloftian?) emotions and attachment.  their differences in personality + destiny(? goals?) might determine how they feel about these things i guess!  like, fi seems think emotions are interesting and ghirahim seems to think they’re p useless. :0

idk this is definitely something i wish i thought about more before now! ^o^

+ tho it’s pretty unrelated, i’ve seen some headcanons floating around about fi and ghirahim bonding post-ss and i think those are really cute!   i think they’d have a great dynamic as friends! ;_;

Ooh~ do you have any headcanons about Fi?

aa yah!  i’ve got a few!  i feel like they’re fairly obvious headcanons tho… i’d say my agender fi headcanon is a little more out there, but aonuma has actually said fi is essentially agender.

i think of fi as calm as a result of their understanding most stuff.  but even when they don’t understand something, they try to stay as calm as popsicle.

i’d also like to believe fi finds link way more than they let on + tries super hard to understand him.  mostly i guess i believe that understanding things is really important to fi.  which probably isn’t anything too outrageous.  fi is kinda portrayed that way in the game to begin with. :P

sorry if this answer is sloppy and uninteresting… and thank you so much for the ask!  ^o^

i know i’ve been posting a lot of annoying texts posts lately but i just want to say that i am nearly always up for reading and discussing headcanons so hmu w/ ur headcanons and stuff if ya want lel 

can u draw a picture of Shad from tp being extremely cute


hopefully i did him some justice ;w;